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Pray for each other

Friday, 2017/08/11

Dear Lord, thank you for being the one that is always there for us, we come from the holy land, from the place that you have lived and died for our salvation. We would first like to thank you for the nice people have had the chance to meet in this conference. They have made it home away from home for us, so for that we are thankful.
We would like to pray for our german partners, friends and companions to keep them healthy, safe and sound. We would like to pray for them for the work that they are doing with us and for our palestinian situation. We would like to pray for them so that god can give them the strength and the ability to continue their work against hate and racism. We would like to pray for them to make the gap between the rich and the poor people got less.
We want to pray to make german calm down and relax, because it´s okay not to be on time sometimes.


Dear Lord, we pray for the families and people in palestine, whose Land was taken away and who have borders between their neighboors, families, friends and themselfes. Give them hope and strength to carry on, and believe in peace and freedom. Give water to people who are thirsty and goods to the ones in need. give warm thoughts to the ones who are afraid and help them to archieve a life in peace and harmony for everyone. We pray especially for our Friends from palestine and Jordan, please keep them save on their way home.
Give them support when they are at school, university or work and help them educate themselves to built a better, bright future. Amem. Allah iberikom.


Finally - Shopping in Munich!