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Workshop "Speed-Dating" - How is your live in...?

palaestina blog 2017 008 webSaturday, 2017/08/05

We had breakfast at 8.15 to 10 o´clock and like everyday it tasted well. Then we had a meeting at the big tent where some leaders presented their workshops. They offered workshops like: sports, music, drum course, songs and meditation. In the workshops we played soccer, badminton and tried to juggle. After that we had lunch at 12:30 where a kind of asian food was available. In the long spare-time we enjoyed the good weather.

In the afternoon we "were invited to..." different things. So everyone offered things to do and share with each other. Some were similar to the programm in the morning but the amount of offering was big enough to occupy everyone. Our group offered a "Speedating-Workshop" following the aim, to get to know each other better beyond cultural boundaries.

After the following spare time we had a barbeque where we boiled Marshmallows and bread at the bonfire.

The following evening-prayer was prepared by Claudia and Lucas and afterwords we went to bed and fell asleep.

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