Sea of Galilee

Our first night at Tabgha was very nice. Those who woke up early were able swim in the pool to wake up properly. After breakfast we started another church rally. First we went to the beatitudes church which has a very beautiful architecture. The flowers in the garden and the awesome view made it even more enjoyable. We also went to Caphernahum (the town of Jesus) and Saint Peters church. It was very touching to see the places where Jesus lived and bulit his church. After lunch and another jump in the pool we went on a boat ride on the Sea og Galilee. We put on some music, had fun and danced together. When we reached the middle of the lake we stopped the music and the engine of the boat. We gathered and listened to the bible verse in which jesus calmed the storm. After that we stayed silent and thought about the bible verse. It was very relaxing to take in the atmosphere and enjoy another breathtaking view. Then we went to Taghba where Jesus fed 5000 people with 5 pieces of bread and two fish. In the evening we had a special service. Everyone was involved in it. We prepared the decorations, prayers and songs. Also we were able to take part in the preaching. We are happy and feel peace within ourselves, got rid of stress and hope to take this feeling with us when we go back home.

Julian and Natalie