The hot weather

The day began very early and we headed directly through a checkpoint to Jericho. It was very hot and we reached the Sea Level, we saw the desert and the Israeli settlement too. In Jericho we went for a 15 minute walk to buy some fruits, and the bananas it´s known for.  After that we walked to the tree of Zacharias, and we discussed his story. Then we went to the mountain of temptation, where a church was built. We had a very beautiful view, because the church was built very high, so we were able to see Jordan. After that we got hungry, and went to a restaurant, where we ate delicious food, which was maqluba (upside down). Finally we went to the dead sea, where it was too hot. We swam in the sea, but also in the pool. After this long day we came back to the hotel with a sunburn on most of the group. In the evening we ate dinner, and played games and ended it with a prayer.


The most beautiful and tired girls Sama Azar and Anna Nagy