After a great night in our guestfamilies, where we enjoyed the possibility to sleep longer than throughout the last days, and where we had a delicious breakfast and arab lunch we all met again in Talitha Kumi. From there we started our hiking trip to the valley of Battir. We walked through the fantastic nature of Makhroor to learn about fields where the Romans used to grow plants by building irrigation systems and terraces, some of them still existing today. We could finish the hike nearly without any casualties, still the whole group worked togehter to get everyone to the village of Battir. While some of us really enjoyed walking and would have wanted to go far further, others where really happy, that we took the bus back to Talitha Kumi after a short stay in Battir. After a wonderful dinner (as always in Talitha) we ended the day with some fun games in the evening.

Jakob and Bassem

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