Where Jesus walked

We started our day by leaving Talitha Kumi at 7:55. We drove to Nazareth. We visited 3 churches on our way, the first one was built on a place where Maria saw an angel who told her that she will be pregnant. Then we walked through the old city and visited the synagogue church after that we went to the basilica of the annuciation. It was a big church. It has 43 national mosaics of Mary. Then we drove to the jumping mountain. There we had Manakesh for lunch and we enjoyed the panorama view. It was amazing so we took many photos. After that we arrived in Tabgha, next to the sea of galilee. Some of us swam in the sea and the others swam in the pool. In the evening a few of us prepared the dinner after that we had a big meeting, we talked about our positive and negative experiences.

Karl und Ramez